TenFour External Battery Pack

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Practical and stylish, this high-capacity power bank is ready to charge you up. Loaded with three USB outputs, a 3.1 amp charging speed, and a 10,400mAh battery capacity, the Tenfour charges up to three devices at once to completion—with room to spare. Its full-color imprint area is the perfect space for your brand to make its statement. Copy that? Tenfour.


  • Equipped with 10,400 mAh lithium ion battery

  • 3.1 charging speed, allowing the product to charge quicker than a wall outlet

  • Will charge an iPhone 5 to 6 times, will also fully charge a tablet

  • Sleek design for maximized portability

  • Massive imprint space for ultimate branding opportunity

  • 3 USB output slots so you can charge three devices at once

  • Comes with high-grade retail packaging with window for brand exposure